• Bone Density: How Does Pilates Help?

To carry out your everyday activities efficiently, you need strong bones and muscles. Unfortunately, as you age, the fragileness of your bones intensifies hence the tendency to develop hump-like posture. Fortunately, the abnormality is preventable. To have the right bone density, in addition to eating a balanced diet, you need to exercise regularly thus the need for Pilates. Research done by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information indicates that Classical Pilates exercises effectively increase bone mineral density (BMD) and physical performance. Further, the institution strongly recommends Pilates exercises in the treatment of osteoporosis, as well.

The Role of Pilates In Increasing Bone Density and Height

Pilates trains your bones and muscles to attain the desired strength and thickness. To achieve the right BMD, you need the equipped studio alongside knowledgeable Pilates instructors and the appropriate apparatus such as:

  • Reformer
  • Trapeze table (Cadillac)
  • High chair
  • Wunda chair
  • Baby chair
  • Foot corrector
  • Pedi-pole
  • Spine corrector and small barrel
  • Ladder barrel

If you suffer from porous bones or wish to prevent it, Pilates can benefit you in the following ways:

Improving Postural Strength and Endurance

Through the use of simulated weights such as spring resistance, Pilates exercise enables your bones to reform and strengthen. Special emphasis is given to the spinal region doing away with the hump-like posture.

Focused Alignment

Pilates classes rely on a wide set of apparatus, with each equipment permeating you to target the training to the desired bones and muscles. Moreover, the exercises are supervised by qualified instructors. Thus, you will have strong bones in your entire vertebral skeleton.

Intense, Yet Gradual Loading Increasing Bone Growth

Pilates exercises range from weight bearing, resistance to flexibility beginning at a lower intensity. The gradual increase from less intense to most intensive training allows your bones and muscles to adapt to the changes. The intensity of the loading is directly proportional to bone growth.

At Performance Pilates, we have skilled and experienced instructors in addition to the right pieces of equipment. Why should you wait till you develop porous bones? Subscribe to our Pilates classes and keep osteoporosis away. If you’re a victim of porous bones, join our classes and we’ll help you to manage your condition.