• 5 Minutes a Day Keeps the Fat Away

Busy.  All of us are just so busy.  2017 has given us renewed hope for change and for health.  But before you know it, January will be over. You forgot to start altogether. The hope for change will start to fade.  

With as busy as we are, we all try to MAXIMIZE our gym time.  “I can’t do Pilates today, I have to burn some SERIOUS calories in the one hour I have”.  “I know I need stretching and core work in my program, but there’s just not enough time between my cardio and weight training”.  What if FIVE minutes a day of Pilates was enough to make huge changes to your life?  Changes to your posture, your waistline, your stamina, your stress level, your mood, your sport, your EVERYTHING.


Five minutes per day.  7 days per week.  That’s only 35 minutes every week.  I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, I know!  But you deserve this.  


Five Minutes of Pilates Workout

The 100 – Inhale for 5 counts, Exhale for 5 counts.  Repeat 10 full breaths.  Modify by keeping legs higher and knees bent.

The Roll up – Peel yourself up slowly, do not let your back arch off the mat, support the feet if that happens.  6-8 reps

Single Leg Circles – Keep spine imprinted, minimize hips wobbling from side to side. 6-8 reps each direction each leg.  Modify by bending opposite knee with the foot flat

Rolling Ball – Breath in on way back, exhale on the way forward.  Modify by holding behind the hamstrings

Series of 5 – Do 1 at a time, rest head down in between each exercise.  Build to doing them without rest.  Keep spine imprinted.  Modify by keeping legs at a higher angle

Spine Stretch Forward –  Imagine rolling your spine off of a wall. Do not just hinge.  Keep sit bones down and waist lifted above thighs.

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