• Back Pain and Pilates Exercise

At Performance Pilates, we believe in more than just exercise. We are dedicated to the Joseph Pilates’ method, and its promotion of total body wellness. Using the Pilates Method,  Performance Pilates tailors each clients’ workout according to their individual needs and level.  We are able to modify all exercises accordingly to accommodate any specific issue or injury.  Our doors are open to a diverse clientele including those suffering with chronic back pain.

Pilates and Back Pain

The most important principles of Pilates directly relate to programs which promote back health. As stated in “Yoga and Pilates In The Management Of Low Back Pain” in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Pilates has proven to significantly reduce pain and functional disability by enhancing spinal stability. Pilates improves flexibility, strength, and enhances muscle movement while teaching awareness of neutral alignment of the spine to strengthen postural muscles. This form of exercise serves as both a preventative measure and treatment method for chronic back pain emphasizing core strength and tension release around the lower and upper back.

With a variety of equipment and exercises to offer, Pilates serves as an intervention for those suffering from lower back pain because of core weakness or deficiency in spinal strength.

Considerations for Back Pain Patients

Before beginning a Pilates’ exercising program, it is very important to check with a health care provider or physician. Upon starting classes with your new Pilates’ instructor, ensure that he or she understands the specific back problems you have. This is the time to outline restrictions given by doctors or “issue areas” identified by a physical therapist. Your instructor will develop an exercise plan specific to your needs after discussing your restrictions or back issues.

Generally, back patients should avoid movements that push the spine into extreme extension, bending, or twisting. Exercises which promote this, place excessive stress on intervertebral discs. The foundation of Pilates’ exercise is core strength targeting the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. Through continuous Pilates’ exercise you will develop a stronger core, therefore giving better stability throughout your entire body. From this, Pilates works to help overcome back pain resulting in free and efficient body movement.

Getting Started

Your overall wellness is important to us at Performance Pilates. After speaking with your health care professional, contact us to schedule your next session. Our instructors will speak with you about any concerns you may have as well as your individual restrictions. From this, we will create a Pilates’ plan specifically for your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started at Performance Pilates today and experience the improvement yourself!