• Defining the Powerhouse

3D render showing male figure with abdominal muscles - rectus abdominis

More than just the “six pack”. “Core training” is used a lot to describe the type of work in Pilates.  That leads many to think of only the abdominals.  Joseph Pilates described the Powerhouse as extending from the bottom of your ribs all the way to your hip line including the abdominals, low back, pelvic floor, muscles of the hips and gluteal muscles (those big mounds on your back).

These muscles work together as the dynamic movers of the body. The most efficient movement patterns begin from the Powerhouse.  In Pilates, we first work to engage the Powerhouse with our dynamic breath patterns then we begin to move through space driving from the Powerhouse.

A strong Powerhouse leads us to become biomechanical experts.  We will move so efficiently through space, that we will be able to conserve energy and prevent injury.  Not only will you be biomechanically efficient, your joints will be more stable.  Your strong Powerhouse will give you a very powerful posterior chain which is necessary for all athletic movement patterns.  But the benefits are not only athletic/sport related.  You will also have better posture and will move more gracefully with a strong Powerhouse.

Get into a Pilates lesson to find out what defining your Powerhouse will change in your life.