• Leigh Caldwell

What makes a dedicated Pilates advocate? Is it the love of a challenge or the passion for enhancing flexibility and strength? At Performance Pilates, we believe the best way to answer these questions is by asking our valued clients. 

Seeking an exercise that strengthens core, but doesn’t stress joints, Leigh Caldwell discovered Pilates.  With over five years of experience in Classical Pilates, Caldwell was first introduced to the dedicated exercise at Performance Pilates. She participates in sessions about twice a week and enjoys the one-on-one attention Performance Pilates offers, allowing for a more personalized workout. Caldwell describes instructors as well-rounded with a strong knowledge of individual strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, “instructors make a point to challenge you,” says Caldwell. 


Upon first beginning Pilates exercise, Caldwell suffered from a shoulder tear. An extended period of long, gentle stretching helped her shoulder heal quicker. In addition, she boasts that she cannot remember the last time she suffered from lower back pain since beginning Pilates exercise. While Caldwell enjoys a variety of apparatuses and changing workouts, her favorite exercise is the Teaser. This is a very challenging exercise, but she appreciates the challenge! She states her favorite aspect of Pilates is “when I have achieved an exercise, it is changed to keep me challenged.” Completing challenging exercises has been the most rewarding area of Pilates for her, especially aspects utilizing the chair or Teaser exercise. 

From Classical Pilates, she has learned to enhance her focus and work to center herself through stressful situations. Additionally, Caldwell has worked to focus on core and posture throughout her daily activities. Throughout the day, she checks to ensure she is ‘bringing in’ her core and tucking in her bottom. She makes a point to lower her shoulders and lengthen her neck with her chin down, as well. Through Classical Pilates, Caldwell wants to continue to increase her flexibility and work to stretch her arms and legs to be straighter. When asked if she would recommend Performance Pilates to others, her answer was an immediate, “Yes!” 

If you can relate to Caldwell’s experiences with Classical Pilates, contact Performance Pilates today! Discover the same dedication from our instructors with an emphasis in personalizing your Pilates practice according to your strength, flexibility, and mind/body connectedness.