• The History of Classical Pilates

For many people, issues such as back pain, improper posture, and lack of proper muscle control affect quality of life or the ability to carry out basic daily functions. Pilates exercises have been used for many years to provide an effective natural remedy to such complications. Classical Pilates is a series of exercises aimed at conditioning the body to improve muscle strength, achieve higher flexibility, and obtain correct posture. Pilates also enables you to achieve better muscle coordination, reducing back pain. These exercises have been practiced for well over 60 years, since the time they were pioneered by German athlete, Joseph H. Pilates. To understand how Pilates works and why it is effective, we need to first dive deeper into the history of these exercises.


From a young age, Joseph Pilates was focused on improving his rather frail build. He set out on a journey of bodybuilding and gymnastics, which would end up with him developing a full range of fitness exercises. By his early teenage years, Joseph Pilates was in good enough condition to pose for various bodily activities due to the fitness that he had gained. And when he moved to England in 1912, he pioneered his classic technique to his fellow peers. The original purpose of these exercises was to train the mind to control various muscles of the body.


The Evolution of Classical Pilates 

Classical Pilates can be used by a variety of people to achieve better muscle coordination and body awareness. Benefiting different groups of people over the years including athletes, dancers, circus performers, and members of fitness clubs. Consisting of special apparatus (such as the guillotine, wunda chair and bednasium) that are built to the specifications that he originally worked with, Classical Pilates is still done in close resemblance to how Joseph Pilates originally designed the exercise regimen. 


Improving Posture & Balance 

Through a focus on resistance training and endurance building, the brain is stimulated to exert better control over the muscles of the body. This is possible through a combination of exercises aimed at improving endurance in the legs, arms, and back. As a result, your overall posture will improve. You will also be able to have better balance as you engage in daily physical activities such as carrying objects, doing chores, or playing a sport. Classical Pilates is grounded in better brain-muscle control. In other words, these routines improve the ability of your mind to transmit signals to your muscles in order to improve coordination. You will find that you become more flexible after taking Pilates classes because your body and mind can work together more effectively to control your movement.


Why Choose Performance Pilates?

At Performance Pilates, we are dedicated to the original recipe of exercises that were pioneered by Joseph Pilates himself. Our instructors are classically trained to adhere to the original Pilates method using both body movement exercises and various apparatus. Not only do we focus on improving your overall posture, muscle strength and endurance, but we also take a more health-based approach tailored towards your specific needs and abilities. Contact us today to schedule your next private session!