• Schedule Your Next Pilates Class With A Friend

So you’ve told your friend about your new Pilates classes (if you haven’t, you should) and they are eager to experience the same life-changing results that you’ve described! Research has proven that exercise is greatly enhanced by having a friend join you or in a group setting. Working out with a partner encourages you to hold yourself more accountable to a consistent workout schedule in addition to trying new exercises. Performance Pilates has collected the top five benefits of scheduling you next Pilates class with a friend:


Make A Commitment

Perhaps you find it hard to motivate yourself to set a regular routine of going to Pilates classes between the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. Make this process easier by asking a friend to be your dedicated Pilates’ partner. Exercising with a friend means you’ll be more likely to do it! By exercising with a partner, you’ll have a stronger commitment to becoming fit and active. A sense of accountability will encourage you to get to class on those cold mornings or after-work evenings. Having a Friend-ilates buddy encourages you to stick to your exercise plan and achieve your fitness goals.

Push Yourself Further

Having a friend with you can give you the added push as you perform Pilates exercises. Studies show that you’ll burn, on average, 41 more calories per exercise session than you would if you were going solo. Rather than struggling with your last few repetitions or giving up on an exercise early, having a partner will give you the extra boost you need to both start and finish strong. 

Get More For Your Money

Have you been thinking about scheduling a solo session, but just don’t have it in your budget? One-on-one sessions with a Pilates instructor are typically more expensive than other Pilates training sessions due to the amount of personal attention you receive. A more cost-effective way to receive nearly as much dedicated training time is with partner classes. Performance Pilates offers duet training and trio training for partners who share similar skill level. Enjoy a fun workout at a cost-effective rate by working out with a partner!

Do Partner Exercises

Rather than being stuck in the same solo routines, step out of your comfort zone and work with a partner. From this, you’ll learn new exercises and broaden your usual routine. Your instructor will guide you in exercises intended to strengthen your body with passing, linking, or in sync movement routines. You’ll recognize improvements in your form and ability to try new exercises. A little healthy competition will encourage you to perform better and maximize your workout.

Share Your Progress

As your strength and flexibility improve, you’ll be able to share your results with someone who understands the Pilates method. The support you’ll receive from a partner will give you the added push to boost your commitment and fitness goals. As you both continue to share progress back and forth, recognize the difference in your attitude while performing Pilates! 


So, what are you waiting for?  Tell a friend about your experience at Performance Pilates and invite them to your next Pilates session. Contact us today and start your Friend-ilates adventure!