• Pilates For Seniors: Get Active Today!

Pilates has been around for over 50 years now, and if you go the average class, you’ll see a mix of young and old faces enjoying their workout together. While Pilates is great for all age groups and levels of physical fitness, there are quite a few benefits for seniors looking to start a new exercise routine.

Keep reading to learn the top five reasons classical Pilates should be the next exercise class seniors sign up for!

1. Regular Workouts Improve Strength, Flexibility and Mobility
Working up a sweat, even if it’s a very gentle one, can help your body stay strong as you age. Instructors will work with you to slowly build strength, flexibility and mobility, no matter what your current level of physical fitness or exercise routine is like. As you continue Pilates, you’ll notice that exercises and movements that were once challenging become easier. This is your Pilates workout in action!

2. Pilates Exercises are Easily Modified
Some forms of exercise are rigid and highly structured, making participants meet a set of challenges or demands in a way that simply may not work for you. With Pilates, you and your instructor have the ability to alter movements and individual exercises to suit your specific needs and goals.

That means that any physical limitations or conditions like arthritis, back pain, knee problems and more don’t have to keep you from getting the exercise you need to feel your best.

3. Pilates Can Help Increase Body Awareness
Being aware of your body and its movements has recently come to light as an incredibly important aspect of certain physical activities. Pilates for seniors, in particular, can be beneficial since it can help reduce the risk of falls via increased strength, flexibility and mobility.

Increased body awareness also makes minor nagging injuries like sprained ankles, tweaked backs less likely to happen in the first place. This is important since these injuries tend to hang around longer the older you get!

4. Regular Exercise Can Help Reduce Age-Related Aches
Aches and pains are incredibly common among aging adults. Whether you’re dealing with a diagnosed issue like rheumatoid arthritis or just something like chronic neck pain, regular exercise can help you get stronger and reduce inflammation in the process.

Stronger muscles also help support a healthy body and good posture, which can in turn help ease those annoying aches that can make you feel old beyond your years.

5. Pilates is Social
You know exercise is good for your body and mind, but one often forgotten aspect of working out in a group setting is social contact. Even if you already have a great group of friends you spend time with regularly, seeing new faces and interacting with others in a different setting once, twice or even three times a week can provide a positive boost in your mood.

For seniors who have a smaller social group or limited out-of-the-house opportunities, Pilates classes can be an enjoyable, healthy way to make friends and lead an active lifestyle.

Reach out to Performance Pilates today to learn more about Pilates for seniors. We can answer any questions you may have about our sessions and why Pilates is the right choice for you.