• Pilates & Anti-Aging

The benefits of Classical Pilates are many – from increased flexibility, toning and even weight loss.  Instructors and advocates of Pilates are not going to make the claim that participating in regular Pilates sessions will help make you appear years younger.  But Pilates can be a beneficial anti-aging regimen to help you look and feel younger!  Check out these ways in which Pilates can help you as you participate well into your “active adult” years!


Blood Flow

It is well known that exercise leads to increased blood flow, and Pilates is a form of exercise that happens to be extremely effective in this area.  Because Pilates focuses on deep movements, and activates your muscles in totality, it helps with increased blood flow, and in turn, improves cell growth, restock oxygen to your cells and put off cell waste removal.  


Improved Flexibility

Everyone benefits from being flexible.  It helps with daily comfort and makes simple, daily routines easier – such as gardening or tying your shoes.  Increasing your flexibility and range of motion through regular Pilates sessions helps you avoid injuries.  Imagine less age-induced stiffness as well as reduced pain due to muscle tension.


Improved Balance

As we age, balance is often a complaint many people have.  In some cases, it can be a real problem leading to unnecessary falls or injuries. Participating in Pilates helps improve your core strength and balance resulting in fewer falls and or injuries, plus improved quality of life.


Improved posture

Remember the days of your mom telling you to “sit up straight!”?  As we age, we tend to struggle with posture, and in some cases end up with hunched backs.  Many things can cause this, but it good to know that Pilates can help with one’s overall posture.  Pilates helps you develop a strong core and longer, leaner muscles resulting in standing straighter and looking younger.


So many benefits from Pilates!  As we approach the holidays, consider signing up for sessions with one of our professionally trained instructors – no matter what your age!